Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Is the 2nd Civil War Obama has been Foaming at the Mouth to Start About to Begin ?

The rally (rally ?,you've got to be kidding,it's more like the kick off to the second civil war) is planned on the same weekend that thousands of truckers, maybe more, are scheduled to be in Washington to protest Obama administration policies and actions and only a few weeks after the “2 Million Bikers” roared through the city.

In fact, the bikers are planning to join the veterans.

The message to veterans continued: “Let’s put it plainly: Barack Obama is behaving like a vicious tyrant.
“In a mean-spirited fit of selfish anger, Barack Obama has shut down our nation’s war memorials. And he has declared open war on our honored veterans!

You've got the first part right but you are naive on the second,He's evil, not just 'mean spirited' and he's drawing you proud patriots into the trap  he has laid for you.
The Obama plan is for brutal,brutal,deadly martial law to counter the defeated,unhappy slaves attempted uprising.Stay out of it because this is the bloody part of God's judgment on Amerikaka.

Obama Is Trying to Provoke a Revolution

In case you have not heard, martial law signs are being seen around the country. We are out of time!
I don't think we've got too much internet time left,already they've compiled shutdown lists for those who do not follow their SS.  (satanic spin)
We will see the totalitarian's seize the internet and shut down the free flow of information as a direct threat to their tyranny and declaring martial law will be extremely easy for the NWO dictator.
All the past presidents,priests and preachers will line up right behind the evil one.

So I am sad to say that it will be a horrible time that the world is going to go through.

hat tip Steve Quayle dot com


Noodles said...

Marcel said...

I clicked on the anti Israel basher/commenter's MICHAEL's link and it said steve quayle ???

Noodles said...

I find that Christian Arabs here in the Land, despite for the most part being 'nice' people, are quite screwed up theologically, when it comes to Israel.

Noodles said...

Yes, I saw that, so I don't want to jump to conclusions, but something seems fishy.

Marcel said...

I find that(REAL) Christian American's here in the Land, despite for the most part being 'nice' people, are quite screwed up theologically, when it comes to Israel.

There is an undercurrent of what this Michael wrote in evangelical circles.
I had trouble with many who deep down have the dragon seed against Israel. stealth
I won't name them openly yet but when Israel goes to war and does some serious damage they are in high places and will rise up t fan the flames against Israel in the church

JMD said...

I have been quite surprised at the level of vitriol towards Jews and Israel by professing Christians. When I press in for a reason I hear how they have persecuted the Palestinians and how they are all rich. These individuals believe America is doing the bidding for Israel.

Marcel said...

'These individuals believe America is doing the bidding for Israel.'

They're just telling you how ignorant they are.
If they took the time to find out they would learn that the US under extremely crafty agenda is at the forefront of weakening and eventually destroying Israel.
The US is Israel's greatest threat and enemy.

I'll give you 2 of 1,000 examples.
Whenever Israel comes close to defeating Hamas or Hezbollah,the US COMES TO THEIR RESCUE AND DEMANDS that Israel retreats.
Stupidity has snared these careless,easily seduced individuals into Satan's trap.

They are 'religion people' but not followers of Jesus Christ.
If you realy know Jesus you don't fall into this death pit of Israel/Jew hate.
The satanic hate grows runs deep in
their souls.
Sadly many who do not study God's word and let Jesus teach them are led astray and deceived by the many wolves in sheep's clothing that are everywhere.
This is part of God's culling of the herd.
If you read Revelation 12 with the Teacher,Holy Spirit discernment you can see their fruit expose them as dragon followers,SIMPLE AS THAT.