Friday, October 18, 2013

Israel,Where the dhimmi's of Jerusalem bow to their false gods

In the New World Order which Israel's corrupt government serves instead of God,evil is protected first and foremost and good is punished.

Judge Bans Likud Ad for Offending Muslims

The wicked,godless,fearful cowards have no love or zeal for the truth and therefore no spine.

Under Netanyahu the righteous are punished and the evil are rewarded,always.
When the dumb sheep start to open one eye he always puts them back to sleep with his crafty and deceptive moves.


Housing Minister: No Building In Jerusalem, Blame My Boss

The Housing Minister addressed dozens attending the meeting and said, "Imagine in any country, the most remote place you can think of, that would say it was forbidden for ten Jewish families to build homes. What would everyone do?" he asked the crowd. "We would take to the streets, demonstrate, and scream, and say it was anti-Semitism," he answered, "but here," he added, "it just happens."

Forget the seductive speeches,dear naive and easily deceived their fruit you shall know them. wake up!
How easily the fools have been duped by the slick tongued Bibi who serves the enemies of God with an air of superiority and dark arrogance.

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