Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Obama Expected to Reduce Military Aid to Egypt

Due to the removal of the extremist and very bad Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt...

dictator in waiting Mohammed Hussein Obama has decided to use his nefarious and very dark powers to punish Egypt.
The loyal,well trained lap dogs in Jerusalem said they understood the bigger picture of America’s interests and need to wield its evil influence in Egypt.
"Whose interest do we serve first and foremost but our god's interests," said the Israeli official who was very afraid to give his name.
We just want to be good kapo's and just follow orders and so we are silent as we help our fellow Jews once again board the cattle cars without resistance,just silence,because our god Hussein O might get angry at us.

Under the administration’s plan, officials said, the military aid could be restored later if the Egyptian government showed signs of Israeli like capitulation and restoring democratic radical,extremist Muslim Brotherhood institutions and a new sharia compliant government.

The masses have been dumbed down enough so that evil can come out from the shadows and operate openly,freely and without restraint.It won't be not much longer until we see mass genocide at their hands here in America.


Noodles said...

Marcel said...

The harder Israel works to be 'one of the nations' the more God separates Israel from the hellbent herd of nations.
Let them boycott they bring a bigger curse on their already cursed lands.

Before Israel majored in surrender,retreat,capitulation and rewarding evil behavior of the Palestinians to please the false Potomoc god they serve Israel of Entebbe was more respected.

Now Israel has to beg a flat broke Greek beggar to wear a kipot and only gets no respect.
If the leaders don't respect God how do they expect any themselves ?,7340,L-4438653,00.html

Noodles said...

The Greek canine can join the rest of them in the eternal cauldrons...

Marcel said...

I think he's already there,joined up long,long ago.

It took me a while to listen to Ari's Boycott hot video,it's like the rats at youtube have slowed down my fast DSL to crawl speed.
WOW Thanks for sending it my way.
I hope it hurts the hypocrite nations and Islam continue to eat themselves in Genesis 12:3 fashion.