Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Yankees go home: Venezuela expels 3 top US diplomats

The age of the scapegoats is upon us like never before.
As a plague of corruption,perversity and incompetence sweeps the earth and give us jerks and fools to lead us to hell,they will have to point the finger of blame to others and create fictitious conspiracies.
Obama the consummate charlatan will likely receive an Oscar for blaming everyone but himself for the calamity he brings everywhere, Maduro is just trying to follow the same script.
Watch out Israel It's going to get worse, much worse, not better!
The bill is past due for gay pride marches across the lands,etc.

Obama hails Netanyahu over talks with Palestinians

"I commended Netanyahu for entering into the same old trap that helped to establish Hamas control over Gaza and his naive, extremely foolish, blind faith to enter into these surrender talks with the Palestinian Islamic Submission Authority.
I appreciate the prime minister's weakness in being willing to step forward and deliver Israel to the coming destroyer."
One of my few heroes in Israel. She puts the pansy,beggarly,cowardly Bibi men wimps of Israel to shame.

"Your participation in the conference grants legitimacy to extreme and unbalanced criticism of Israel," warns Bayit Yehudi MK..

'Shaked added that it is clear, today, that the Obama administration's support for Israel is "less than absolute," and accused the MKs who attended the conference of "strengthening those who led Obama to these delusional places."

The beast eats it’s own

How a corrupt,broken,amoral, evil system works doesn't work

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