Saturday, October 05, 2013

Psagot Girl Shot in Neck,Palestinians (Muslims) Like to Murder Children

Israel's Surrender Minister Benji continues to reward them for what they do while ignoring the few voices of sanity left in Israel.

Nine-Year-Old Girl Shot in Terror Attack

Feckless Minister Netanyahu responded by saying;
'Every time we surrender,appease and reward these killers for America's false peace Road Map this happens,this is how the Palestinians always reward us for our incredible stupidity.
I have not learned a thing,I'm very stupid,but I make nice speeches and continue to deliver unwarranted goodwill gestures and release these crazed Islamic killers because my pimp god in Washington tells me to.
In return the Muslims always attack and kill us.I am sure in a few days you will forget about this attack and I can continue to weaken Israel for the peace.
So as your worthless, spineless and cowardly unleader who can not say no I shall continue on the same failed path because I am just following orders and you are content with my very stupid agenda.'
The whole reprobate world from Australia to Zambia go out of their way to aid and support the killer clan Palestinian's.
This is a big reason why Japan and the rest of them who support evil are suffering so many
major catastrophes.


Noodles said...

Marcel said...

Satan's agenda moves forward and Israel blindly follows... except for a few.

Speaking to reporters, Kerry said the shutdown, which is nearly a week old, would delay payments for Israel’s security and for peacekeepers in the Sinai Peninsula.

the few

Noodles said...

I like Daniela Weiss, she's a good woman, and I'm still trying to figure out just how the 'palestinians' suddenly became a nation.

Marcel said...

Think about it !
They couldn't have done it without Israel's help.
Like I said before; The grasshoppers who lead Israel are beyond stupid,beyond dangerous,they are evil.
That's why the Lord had to remove them except for Joshua and Caleb.
They've already poisoned the whole nation except for a few.

God,who is faithful will give them and those who put their trust in the GRASSHOPPERS what they deserve,no more,no less.

Noodles said...

Sadly, I agree with you that they couldn't have done it without Israel's conniving.

Yes, let the 'grasshoppers' go to their eternal punishment.

Marcel said...

Amazing how they seduced all of Israel but a few with their evil ungodly plan,isn't it ?
And the castrated ones have been made to fear to speak out against their evil under the 'incitement rule that does not apply to the Islamic killers.

Who cares about Rabin when Sharon,Olmert,Peres,Livni,Netanyahu have the blood of thousands of dead Olso Jews on their heads,AND THOUSANDS MORE COMING ?

The grasshoppers seduce the few good men and women of IsraEL by this evil game they play to silence and intimidate them.

Noodles said...

"Thousands more coming?"

I would say so, if not more....