Saturday, October 19, 2013

Burning Issues

Caution: Government/Military "training' exercises can be catastrophic for you

"The fire started on 16 October, the same day that defence personnel were conducting an explosive ordnance training activity," the statement said. Defence is investigating if the two events are linked.

Out of control governments and their new world dis-order!

A major out of control disaster created by those who are supposed to protect and defend the people.
Instead they have unleashed destruction on their own. God often uses proud,incompetent idiots in charge to bring disaster (judge) to their very own country.
"Investigate"-This is how the incompetent ones and liars in authority so often cover up their stupidity.They already know where the fire started and that they are responsible for this extremely serious disaster.
Will someone be held accountable and be given a 'stupid award',a medal of national incompetence ?
Not a chance ,they have to keep up the illusion alive that they are experts and know what they are doing.
If people only knew how misplaced their trust was,they would flee to God.


Obama's Syrian Rebel partners believe in late term abortions as he does


Your candy and sweets will cost more and more as the perverted planet goes sour

A fire in Brazil's largest port has burnt some 180,000 tonnes of raw sugar, damaging six warehouses and pushing international prices to a one-year high.

Sour days coming to the wicked.

“We can’t comment on what we found down in Panama.”

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