Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Tell When A Nation is Reprobate

...and soon to meet it's destruction.

1.Teenage girls go shoplifting with MURDERED, dead baby in shopping bag.

2.They get all bent out of shape over stupid issues,blow them way out of proportion and are silent on the national culture of approved murder of the unborn, exhibiting a phony morality on non-issues as if they really cared. On the real life and death issues they are as silent as a corpse,the walking dead that they are.

In a doomed culture that has turned away from the one true God life becomes cheaper and cheaper.
It's becoming dangerous to be a senior in America especially with the godless,amoral government school generation on the prowl.

3.Their religious are as immoral,evil and murderous as the wicked

4. The people elect corrupt,evil pathological liars like themselves to lead them and the nation to hell.

5.They become so perverse that they no longer have any shame

6.The focus is on sports,self,stuff,a phony spirituality and greedy,hedonistic pursuits.
7.The people become comatose,dead to any and all warnings God sends to them of His impending judgments,they reject and mock good and celebrate and embrace evil. Myle Cyrus perversity and decadence become the accepted norm.
The light,salt truth of God's servants,the Church is nearly extinguished and darkness,evil comes in like a flood and boils the compromised frog in the water.
8.The Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle takes over with a vengeance just before the end.
The End

Hell is real

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