Sunday, October 13, 2013


“Those judges who sit at the top of Mount Olympus, 

who have never seen what it’s like on the ground. There are more than 1,000 illegally built ISLAMIC buildings in the Jordan Valley with demolition orders issued, but the Supreme Court within hours issues orders preventing demolitions that were planned decades ago.”
“The Palestinians know they have support from the Israeli High Court… We’ve become second-class citizens, and they are first-class citizens. The Supreme Court’s behavior and irresponsibility help create an atmosphere that leads to our blood being shed,”

No,no,no David,you are not second class citizens,you are the new dhimmi's of defeated Israel who will be "trained" to sit down and shut up by the new unJewish kapo's who serve their evil masters and gods with extremist loyalty.
May the Holy One of Israel turn their world upside down,every one of these pagan's who rule Israel to ruin for their demon gods.


Jordan Valley murder not a terror attack,devious,lying officials estimate guess.

We don't really know but we have to spin it in the direction we Kapo's are leading the nation.

Since we plan to soon drive fellow Jews from their homes and land there we don't want to make the sleeping,dumbed down masses of Israel aware of what is coming their way after our surrender and retreat. We want them to believe peace is coming,not death.


Noodles said...

Great picture of Obama & Netanyahu :

Marcel said...

yeah ,but much better if dog was licking his face.

The anti-Christ will have a world full of loyal lap dogs who will serve him no matter what evil he does.
gee ,almost sound like BHO ?

Marcel said...

Neastanyahu has only suspended his shipments into Gaza that keep Hamas strong.
How crazy Israel has become to supply them with the concrete and the ability to attack,kill and terrorize Israel.
He and and the gang should be in handcuffs ,but the dumb sheep headed for slaughter will go silently once again.

Noodles said...

Sad but true....

Unrelated links :

Marcel said...

Interesting times.
I've always know that God would remove Israel's pacifier(America) from it's mouth and Israel would only have the Lord to seek for help.

I'll check your links after posting this info.

Maurice Sklar · 2,858 followers
Yesterday at 2:25pm via mobile ·
· PRAYER ALERT! The LORD spoke to me in prayer tonight to alert the intercessors concerning an imminent threat to our electrical systems in America. THIS IS SERIOUS! Fast and pray to stop this terrible terrorist attack on our power grids! I saw a vision of the East Coast of America completely blacked out, and with no way to restore the power. I am not sure whether it involves an EMP bombing attack or some other means of killing our electrical systems. But to me, it looked like a nuclear device was detonated in the upper atmosphere over the East Coast,in this vision, and just knocked out all the power. I believe that the LORD showed me this in order to stop it. We have authority, Body of Messiah, to pray in Yeshua's Name and stop this terrible evil! THIS IS FOR REAL AND SERIOUS! Please cry out to the LORD for mercy, as we are vulnerable and a sitting duck unless the angels intervene! God have mercy on us! It was such a scary vision...and a VERY STERN warning from the LORD.

Marcel said...

this guy is really anti-Israel and blames it for 9/11.

I can,won't post his stuff even if a lot of it like the news on China is good.