Thursday, October 03, 2013

Israel,A Nation of Sheep Led by Wolves

“Israel is the only place in the world that Jews cannot establish a new community.

The faith challenged grasshopper Netanyahu has transformed into a wolf, using the lie of peace to restrain,stop and crush God's faithful remnant's building up of Zion.
He does great damage to the spirit of the faithful to please the wicked ones he serves.
It is easy to see what god he serves behind the devious and crafty rhetoric he feeds the anesthetized,crushed and tormented sheep of Israel who are obedient to God's command to build.
May the Lord reward him and the other grasshoppers as He did at the beginning.

Netanyahu: Ayatollah Khamenei ‘heads a cult'

....but at least the cult I lead bows down to and serves the red,white and blue replacement god of our false peace and coming severe judgment.

“My responsibility is to ensure the survival, security, longevity weakening of the one and only Jewish state ruled by secular losers who always capitulate to their pimps demands.
We appeasers are weak and retreating unJewish grasshoppers by nature who are incapable of standing firm for anything.
I will pursue the false peace because I have absolutely no faith in God. I’m prepared to make historic treacherous betrayals of fellow Jews for more lies, compromises and thousands of dead Jews,and we know how much my Washington god's love this.
We know that my compromise with evil is of the devil and not of God” Netanyahu said

When evil leaders rule Israel,the enemies of God are rewarded and the faithful are punished


2.Charlatan PM Netanyahu's Staff, Aides Work Against Settlement
“Since the Oslo Agreements were signed in 1993 there has been a tendency to concede on almost every point the PA demands,” Mesika said. “Not just in the international community, but even in Israel residents of Judea and Samaria are called 'criminals.' The government sets police and soldiers against young farmers who are working fields, but do nothing to stop the Arab rioters. The Civil Authority works overtime to stop Jews from building, while Arabs build thousands of illegal units.

3. Under godless,secular,spineless,weak,leaderless rule in Israel Jews in America and Israel have nothing to look up to or follow and become heathen and pagans like the nations around them.

The rot under Netanyahu continues unabated and the sleeping,fearful believers keep on snoring to the slaughterhouse.

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