Friday, October 04, 2013

Maybe the Talker Netanyahu Can't Shoot ?

If You Want to Shoot, Shoot - Don't Talk

The speech maker Benji has proven over and over again that he's all hot air and no substance.
He never misses an opportunity to please his foreign pimps and the faithful of Israel always suffer for his spineless,always appeasing and capitulating faux leadership.They pay the price while he coddles the enemies of Israel.
You can count on him to release more jihad killers and not much else.
If you keep looking for him to change you are foolish indeed. Jeremiah 17:5

Netanyahu upset with his idol

Giap's Gone


sergio roy said...

"World institutions warn on prolonged US government shutdown"

"The US government spends a lot more than it takes in, so not raising the debt limit would leave it unable to pay all its bills, which range from pensions for the elderly to interest on money borrowed from China."

As Obama is attempting to divide Israel, at the VERY time, this huge political divide is taking place in America! An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth.....

Marcel said...

The destroyer O. knows exactly what he is doing.

a ship of fools