Thursday, October 17, 2013

Israel's Policy of Rewarding Bad Behavior Paying Off

IDF concerned: 'Increased motivation to carry out terror attacks'

"Since Israeli PM Netanyahu released so many terrorists with innocent blood on their hands the Palestinian mindset has been reinforced that terrorism works and pays off well.
There is an atmosphere (thanks to the Prime Ministers stupidity in releasing killers to please Obama) that creates motivation to carry out terror attacks."
The dhimmi's of Israel are evidently in suicide mode, planning to release more Islamic terrorist murderers.
The IDF is continuing to investigate Thursday evening's attempted terror attack, during which a Palestinian rammed a tractor into an IDF base and tried to run over soldiers until he was shot dead.
The Israeli government will continue down the 'stupid path' because that is all they know.A government perverse enough to drive fellow Jews from their land and homes to give to their murderers even after the Gaza catastrophe.

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