Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8 Years Ago Nuclear Holocaust Prophecy

Time flies,I received this from steve quayle's website almost eight years ago (it's no longer there)and posted it to my blog back then because something about it rang true.
I think we are closer than ever and this ties in directly with Syria.
This thing is going to spread like a Colorado wildfire.
Obama's war games on the Jordanian border with Syria and now pushing openly to arm the al Qaeda linked Sunni Islamic terrorists can and will set Iran and Russia to kick back hard and unexpectedly against the pathetic novice from Chicago.Here is a bible verse that comes to mind.
For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth.
Luke 21:35

Nuclear Holocaust Prophecy
July 5, 2005
It was a dream or vision what ever you want to call it.
It did not feel that far away the timeline of events.
I was driving in my car early in the morning around maybe 5 am felt like I was comeing home from a job at a radio or maybe tv station.
I was listening to the radio and they said that Iranain oil tankers being escorted by russian warships have attemed to cross the US naval blockaid of the Gulf of Oman and that an exchange between US Naval Forces and Russian Warships has occured and that a US navy carrier has been sunk by a low yeild nuclear blast and that we responed with same.
Then shortly after I started to hear the weather sirens and then the Emergency Alert System over the radio. Then shortly after that The radio announcer's have stated that nuclear weapon explosions have taken out nato miltary headquaters and norad in Colorado then I saw mutable detonations of nuclear weapons not far from where I was at.
Then one more flash of light then I was up.I don't know if this was just a dream or events to come. I only know one thing it felt to real and it felt close.
Time will tell if this was just a bad dream or something more.
For one thing I'm watching this looming showdown with Iran closely

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