Sunday, June 23, 2013

If Edward Snowden Were President Instead of Obama,There Would Be Hope for America

Unlike the lawless,corrupt ones Snowden has a conscience and took a stand against the despotic,totalitarian gang of contemptible evil liars.
Just that alone puts him way above the amoral,greedy,power crazed garbage now polluting Washington.
We're toast because we have unaccountable, immoral, criminals and gangsters leading this nation.
There is no real justice left in America.
If there were we would have seen accountability and SERIOUS criminal charges against DOJ's Holder,IRS heads,DHS,NSA brought down to a manageable OVERSIGHT size that focused on Islamic terrorists and not law abiding American citizens and of course the fake one, Obama would have been impeached for treason and already serving time in prison with the gun runner Eric Holder.
Justice in America is a fake justice, a dog and pony show as we see with the worst of humanity who are given more opportunities to rape and kill little children by the corrupt,failed system to prey on our children.
The government preys on us and works with the criminals because they are birds of the same feather.
Our food seeds are fake hybrids and the majority of our doctors are fake,nothing but drug pushers for the dangerous Fascist,Global Pharmaceutical corporations who own the corrupt government lock stock and barrel.They make billion$ off of the unsuspecting,naive,brainwashed masses with their slow kill pills.
And like so much of the chemically poisoned processed food produced under the corrupt FDA our lawless politicians pass law that they are immune from obeying.
The fake peace process known as the Road Map we have been pushing down Israel's throat
in order to steal their land for a fake people in  order to create another totally unnecessary 23rd extremist Islamic state is the straw that breaks this dung eating Camels back,
The fake Republican's put on an unconvincing show as they stand with their partners in crime,the treasonous Democrats.
Do you really think that the con-men in Washington who intentionally 'broke' immigration long ago are going to fix it now ?
The 'just following orders' corrupted head and tail of this criminal government and their media prostitutes,the biggest fakes of all lead America to it's inevitable destruction.
The fake,the big lie will not stand.

The vultures are gathering

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