Monday, June 17, 2013

The New America

We Support Our Troops Islamic Terrorists

For a long time the US has propped up and koshered the Palestinian Fatah Terrorist Authority who openly call for Israel's extermination,especially on all their maps where Israel is erased.
That's a fact !

It only stands to reason that the evil empire, after removing Saddam and after 10 years of wasted occupation making Iraq an unstable extension of Iran,removing Egypt's Mubarak and helping the ascension of the destabilizing, extremely extremist,jihadist,terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Under Obama's pick Morsi ,Egypt drowns in the gutter.
 Obama worked with extremist Islamic terrorists to overthrow Libya's Qaddafi  and so it stands to reason that Obama would intervene on behalf of the worst side ,al Qaeda,against another bad side,and destabilizing Syria.
Satan is on the loose and America is his hammer.
It's a lose, lose for Amerika Babylon.
In Evil Empire,America where the Muslim Brotherhood has a revolving door into the White House....

Jewish,Pro-Israel Groups targeted as terrorist while Islamic terrorists get a pass as we saw with the Boston Bombers.

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