Saturday, June 22, 2013

An Evil Nation,America Creates Perverts to Prey on Innocent Children

It used to be that America created good things,those days are long gone in godless,evil America.
The evil ones have outlawed God or any mention or memory of Him while their predator partners grow exponentially without any real restrictions.
Like the government,they are out of control and the system has failed everyone,especially our most vulnerable.
They easily rape and murder our little children every day now in the new America.
There is no shock anymore,it's become normal in America and that is why we are doomed.
An evil nation releases it's worst criminals,murderers and sexual predators in no time to go out and do it again with the same impunity our political leaders have.The system is broken beyond repair.
America creates perverts.
They don't have any fear of being caught because the system 'works' for them and never the victims.
This country is a damnable failure as this crime and so many others prove every day.
May God soon judge this most evil nation that creates these monsters from hell with their liberty to perversity and removal of God and His morality from the public square.

There is no real justice left in America.If there were we would have seen accountability and SERIOUS criminal charges against DOJ's Holder,IRS heads,DHS,NSA brought down to a manageable OVERSIGHT size that focused on Islamic terrorists and not law abiding American citizens and of course the fake one, Obama would have been impeached for treason and already serving time in prison.
Justice in America,it's fake justice, a dog and pony show as we see with the worst who are given more opportunity to prey on our children.
The government preys on us and works with the criminals because they are birds of the same feather.
Like much of the processed food produced,the fake peace we have been pushing down Israel's throat, the fake Republican's who stand with the treasonous Democrats and the corrupt, criminal government and their media prostitutes,the biggest fakes of all lead America to it's inevitable destruction.
The fake,the big lie will not stand.

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