Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Snowden and the three wise NSA whistleblowers

'everything you do, every friend you have, every purchase you make, every street you cross means you're being watched.'
hat tip EJ/EP
locked and loaded and waiting for martial law to unload

Senator Ack Ack, said Tuesday that Snowden “has basically alerted the American people that they are being watched very closely and not Islamic terrorists whom they allow into the country on our dime as we saw with the Boston bombers. Edward Snowden exposed who the real enemies of freedom and basic human rights are, the despotic,tyrannical,out of control,lying,criminal government who know that al Qaeda long ago changed their methods of operation.
Senator Ack Ack closed by saying pig brother is watching you and me,but God will have the last word with these counterfeit replacements who work at being Omnipresent.
Their schemes and times will be short lived just like He pulled the plug on the first reprobate Tower of Babel gangsters.
TruNews -Wednesday's program on the unfolding Fascist Police State in AmeriKa 


dragon fire

The Chinese Dragon does not blow bubbles but fire and it is ready to come onto the stage as the world’s new SUPERPOWER. The Eagle is now a chicken and it’s goose is cooked.

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