Monday, June 24, 2013

What Goes Around

Payback connection ?
The international soap opera of the great superpower demanding that Russia return renegade NSA leaker Edward Snowden and so far getting the ice cold Hong Kong treatment is a good example of sowing and reaping.
For years going back to President Bush 1 to Clinton to Bush 2 and now to Obama the abuse of one political prisoner, Jonathan Pollard in the unmerciful American gulag goes on.
After decades of numerous requests by Israel and so many others for his release have been ignored by the arrogant and pompous Washington bullies it is so refreshing to see their pompous demands being ignored.The petty narcissist is used to getting his way.
Last year Netanyahu begged Obama to release Pollard after his cruel and excessive years of offensive incarceration at the hands of a supposed ally,only to be completely ignored by big bully Obama.
How good it is to see the Washington snob's demands being ignored by Russia,Ecuador,China and I hope many,many more countries.
I do believe this is some divine payback for America's evil treatment of Jonathan Pollard and abuse of Israel's sovereignty on so many issues.
When you are the top dog, it's a long way down.

Bottom line, Snowden exposed privacy violations by an authoritarian government


exjob-expat said...

Snowden was pretty cute to act as he did.
See this:

Marcel said...

Thanks for the link ,going to read it now.
it's tough living in America where we are fed lies 24/7.
My correction on the Senator's twisted tale below.

Who would have thunk ?
Hope all is well.
Senator Angus King, I-Maine, said Tuesday that Snowden “has basically alerted the American people that they are being watched very closely and not Islamic terrorists whom they allow into the country as we saw with the Boston bombers. Edward Snowden exposed who are the real enemies of freedom and basic human rights are, the despotic,tyrannical,out of control,lying,criminal government who know that al Qaeda long ago changed their methods of operation.

Marcel said...

excellent article. you won't find much reporting like that in this captured nation.
It was so good I had to retitle it and post it.
They're watching me closely.
Whenever I post anything at any time,I get an immediate hit.
Is it the Google Gestapo,NSA or the SS keeping an Eye on what I say about the Liar in Chief ?