Thursday, June 27, 2013

UK Conquered by Islamic hordes

All that’s left now are jizya paying dhimmi’s

While the dying nation of Britain is fertile ground for breeding Islamic terrorists who attack and murder the doomed subjects at will, common sense and the truth are outlawed.
Freedom is only allocated to a select group whose specialty is jihad and hate speech for allah.
The rest of the citizens of the cursed land are watched closely and monitored for the slightest deviation away from state sponsored lies and propaganda to the truth.
Great darkness has descended on no longer Great Britain
A nation which has forsaken God is being turned into hell before our eyes.The leaders are too stupid to see what their actions lead to,or they are evil and know.
Serial pandering dhimmi's like British Prime Minister James Cameron lead the slaves of the UK into submission to the cult of the false prophet Mohammed.

Israel has been appeasing and rewarding the evil acts of Islamic terrorism for a long time because the false god they serve,America Babylon tells them to do it for their counterfeit peace scam.
For this evil America will pay a heavy price!
Eventually after too many dead Jews pile up,Israel will snap out of the spell the nation is under.

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