Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sunni Caliphate Builder Hussein Obama's cold war with Russia in Syria is going hot

Muslims praise Satan as they kill each other in Syria now with even more deadly,advanced weapons supplied by Sunni Caliphate builder Hussein Obama.
The world always demands Israel appease,make concessions and surrender their land to this cult of hell and that is a big reason why the world will catch on fire.

Obama insures more bloodshed in Syria and a greatly expanding war to parts unknown and known

In this war of Sunni Islam against Shiite Islam, who will be the victors?
Nope No victors, everyone loses and loses big.
 It’s already becoming a match to the death between Putin and Obama.
This is how a regional war escalates into a global war.
Obama's cold war with Russia in Syria where he seeks to expand and impose his Sunni Caliphate is going hot.
He's already muddied his feet in Libya and Egypt and he's not going to take Putin's advice and stop making another mess.
So soon after the American debacle,the wound of Iraq that never heals the idiot Obama is making sure this time that the wound goes global.
One sure thing, thanks to the destroyer Obama, more blood will be flowing in more places ,even in Europe in America and of course Israel will get the major spillover.

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