Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boehner and The Lying Rats Squirm and Scramble

"First I want to thank all of you in the media for keeping a lid on our debacle in Iraq.Removing Saddam has proven to be a major US policy disaster.Did you know that Maliki is working closely with Assad and Iran against us ,after all the hundreds of billions we flushed down that bloody toilet,and not a drop of oil,it's all going to China.
And of course our latest intervention disaster in Libya. Lets not talk about Afghanistan.
We're now working on making our biggest disaster ever in the history of humanity,Syria.
With your help we have managed to get away with supporting,training and assisting al Qaeda terrorists who are fighting to overthrow Syria's Assad, McCain is foaming at the mouth to get in there."

"Secondly, I am shocked that this young man had a moral conscience as I assumed that our government schools had driven all that morality stuff out of the minds of this amoral,perverse generation.
You have to expect the many,many scandals from our dear unaccountable leader as we switch gears to a tyrannical militarized police state,a godless, decadent,perverted nation.
Get used to it,we're poisoning and killing off your old world in easy to digest stages.

This fellow Edward Snowden,he’s a traitor, because he exposed our traitorous betrayal of the Constitution and our oath, the highest ranking Republican in the House of Representatives said.
The disclosure of this information puts Americans our nefarious agenda at risk.
It shows our adversaries naive citizens what our capabilities are and how closely we are watching them while we flood the nation with illegal immigrants and extremist Muslims as we work hard to destroy the economy and bring down this 'food stamp' nation.
Don't forget how we shipped all the factories to China a long time ago and how we keep lying to you about an economic recovery,hahaha,lol.
Removing the NSA veil is a revelation of our giant violations of the law as we 'bring it all down' to implement our Orwellian new world dis-order.”
"We worked hard to keep the public dumbed down and brainwashed with our compliant media and this one young whippersnapper muddies the water for our plan to 'tag' and round up Americans opposed to this glorious Fourth Global Reich we are now implementing.
We have many lists and are watching your web sites, blogs,TV viewing habits,shopping,personal intimate lives,internet,emails, friendships and thoughts closely.
We are also closely monitoring your back yard barbecues, driving habits and working tirelessly to get more drones airborne to watch your every move,trust us."

"We're pissed and hope our lies about looking for 'terrorists' is swallowed even though non Muslim,non terrorists are the MAIN targets of out information gathering.
We hope the American people are forgetful about how with all this surveillance and a big tip off from the Russian security services we still could not stop the Boston Bombing attack because we were too busy looking at internet pornography on your dime and illegally spying on you,my fellow American's.""
RINO Rat John Boehner

the database is sometimes referred to by the code name Main Core. One knowledgeable source claims that 8 million Americans are now listed in Main Core as potentially suspect. In the event of a national emergency, these people could be subject to everything from heightened surveillance and tracking to direct questioning and possibly even detention.”

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