Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why there will never be any real immigration reform in fallen America

I've been hearing the hucksters,pathological liars(AKA politicians) and charlatans like Senator Marco Rubio and the other Big Top 3 Ring Circus clowns from the Biggest Show Scam on Earth talk about fixing the problem they created with their globalist agenda wide open border.
It's all lies from the clowns and the con-men in Washington.
They planned their border-less  new world order North American Union a long time ago and they are never going to secure the borders they themselves have kept wide open to intentionally flood this dying land with OTW's (other than white/Europeans)
For many decades they've gotten away with their destructive agenda and everything you are seeing now is just more smoke and mirrors to fool the naive and gullible fools of America who still think we have a representative government and a two party system.
It's too late dear naive suckers
Their aim has always been to destroy the fabric of this nation and they (both Republican's and Democrat's) have succeeded. It's morally destroyed,economically destroyed,and illegal, never to assimilate, on the government payroll,alien destroyed.

Did you hear some tiny tidbits in the news about our beloved dictator Hussein Obama's plans to flood the US with Syrian/Muslim refugees who will be funded and supported by this criminal government ? The dictators media is very secretive when it comes to the nefarious plans of the lawless one.
While most Americans have no income or jobs ,he will take very good care of these imported Muslims as he did with their imported Boston Bombers from allahland.
One question the worthless media and the equally worthless FBI will never ask their lawless leader is;
How many Islamic terrorists will come into the US and threaten our existence because of Obama's nefarious agenda ?

They never ask the real and important questions because they are too busy lying to us like their latest Big Top lie that NSA leaker Edward Snowden endangered the American people when it is they who are endangering all of us with their open borders Satanic Globalist agenda from hell and flooding this banana republic with dangerous foreigners while they closely watch those who expose their lies and evil agenda.

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