Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alert, Now the end begins

Terrorist in Chief to Arm Muslim Terrorists in Syria

Interesting how so soon after the gay pride marches everywhere that Obama ignites the fuse to WW III.

Obama like a moth  drawn to the flames has decided to arm the al Qaeda linked Islamic terrorist fighting to overthrow Syria's Assad.
I'm watching for Iran's immediate response. They might very well activate their sleeper cells here in the US that Washington has done nothing to find and shut down.
Look for ISLAMIC (Hezbollah,IRG) terrorist attacks coming to our major cities.
The biggest danger is that this crosses Russia's red line.
Look at it as an act of war.
Obama's timing for a major,population reduction war fits in with the imminent economic collapse of America,a perfect diversion.
Hezbollah under the direction of Iran,Syria and Russia might push Israel into a major confrontation now.
Watch for Putin's response and for China's also.

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