Friday, June 07, 2013



Atrocities and genocides of the past had 'small' somewhat innocuous beginnings.
They used the naivety, ignorance, fear and denial of their victims to their great advantage as the Obama Reich does today.
The groundwork has been laid and the new Nazis find little resistance to their evil plan,turned Republicans being in lockstep.
Most Americans are in denial about the level of darkness and evil that is in firm control of this perverted,decadent nation about to drop into the jaws of hell.
The average America will believe the lies of these evil men and women that they are only looking for the terrorists.The same people assume it can't happen here,not in America.
These are deceived masses whose fellow corpses litter the bone yards of history, fatally forgetful that evil has no borders.

Dear naive fools,they are the same ones who import these Muslim terrorist into this country and protect them until they strike.They're coming after us not the Muslim terrorists.
Your Papers Please

Keep in mind who broke this story, it's not a coincidence that it was not the US media.
Under the lie of fighting terrorism we have already been Nazified by the Fourth Reich Washington Branch,
Remember the FBI who interviewed the Boston Bomber,knew the Boston Bomber and then asked the public to help identify him and his brother by the picture they released.
They are lying when they tell the public they are looking for 'terrorists',that is their cover story to mask their true agenda.
Do you remember how the black boots shut down the whole city of Boston and terrorized the public with their Gestapo show of force and could not even find the surviving teenage MUSLIM terrorist ?
Will all the PRISM and NAZI like surveillance, they still could not catch or stop these Islamic terrorist(even after being warned numerous times about Tamerlan Tsarnaev by Russia) because they were too busy getting a list of American's who understand their evil globalist agenda.

Lenin,Hitler,Stalin,Mao,Pol Pot started out small before they killed their millions,this bunch of evil globalists already have their list.
They've outdone Adolph Hitler ,taking your papers and everything else without asking for them under the lie of 'looking for MUSLIM terrorists.
One step ahead 4th Reich
The staged release of the IRS,AP,FAST and FURIOUS,BENGHAZI,etc. crimes and scandals,the many exposes of government corruption they are working to incite the street for their planned confrontation where they can crush it with brutal,bloody force and establish their tyrannical dread and fear.
With the help of their Goebbels media the fearful,drugged,sports and entertainment addled, brainwashed, dumbed down,comatose,sleeping population are ripe for this their next Fourth Reich move.

UPDATE: They are Coming

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