Friday, June 21, 2013

Attack Hezbollah Now !

What exactly are we waiting for?

Permission from the false god of the Potomac which Israel serves,a green light ?
The last time Israel fought Hezbollah,all it took was a phone call from Washington to rescue Israel's enemy and the quisling in Jerusalem,Olmert retreated the IDF immediately.
The same thing happened December 2012 when the other quisling was dithering about sending the IDF into Gaza to finish off Hamas.
The witch Hillary flew into Israel on her broom to rescue Hamas and Israel's spineless,castrated leaders Benji n' Barak folded again.
You're going to have to find 'other than lap dogs' to lead Israel for the concept of defeating the enemy to return to Israel and the IDF.

Russia's FM Lavrov -US arming Islamic terrorists may derail Syria peace conference

Of course, that is the destroyer Obama's plan!
This boxing match between Hussein Obama and Putin is going to get real ugly,real bloody and spread like a Colorado wildfire. Iran is not going to sit back and let their arch enemy take down their partner Assad without turning the Strait of Hormuz into the Wests naval and military graveyard.
And then we have Putin preparing for a TKO on the checkers player in the White House.
This is WW III in progress and where Israel dumps her worthless American idol and returns to the LORD.
I betrayed Israel to serve my American idol and they paid me well

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