Saturday, June 15, 2013

Evil Rears it's Ugly Head With Impunity

...and the public gets acclimated to the growing darkness over this land.
The stage has been set for the coming American collapse and carnage.
Hussein Obama wants to arm Islamic terrorists in Syria to murder more civilians and disarm law abiding American civilians so they can be murdered by his militarized goon squads.
Seasoned liars like Susan Rice, Admiral Clapper,Janet Napolitano and barker Carney are the mainstays of this criminal regime.
Biggest liar Hillary had to take a break and get the batteries in her broom recharged.
If you tell the truth you're out of a job and become public enemy number 1.

They've gotten away with perjury and much much more because of the spineless,non existent,very corrupt opposition party.
The senate,congress and the courts have been neutered as with the media.
That's why nothing will come of the many committee meetings and timid investigations into their many treasonous acts from Hillary and Obama's Benghazi cover up to their latest NSA cover up. Their revolution is almost complete except for the armed citizenry.
They've got to disarm the gangs the law abiding citizens.
Obama's Attorney General at the Department of Justice,Eric Holder used the corrupted government to illegally smuggle high powered weapons to the murderous drug cartels in Mexico and got away with it as he has with his many other crimes and high treason.
They got away with murder in order to set the stage for gun confiscation.
There is nothing these evil men and women won't do for their Satanic agenda especially since the salt has lost it's savor.
As Doug's DHS insider warned, It's about to get very ugly.Compare the two messages,one daylight the other darkness,obfuscation and lies,that is what the liar Napolitano is telling us.

Rep. Jeff Duncan and John B Wells on TruNews

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