Thursday, June 06, 2013

Removing Final Obstacles to WW III

Austrian Useless Nations peacekeepers flee Syria/Israel border with their tail between their legs

Useless Nations
Before the last major war Israel had with Egypt,the UN 'peacelosers' also prepared the way by fleeing.
'On May 16, 1967, the Egyptian government ordered all United Nations forces out of Sinai effective immediately.'
Russian navy back in the Mediterranean Sea in a big way,Putin's marriage is over.
US troops,Patriot missiles taking up positions on the Jordan Front,Hezbollah now on two fronts,Hamas kisses and makes up with Iran.
Israel's army on alert and Syria's Assad promises retribution for the recent IAF airstrike on Damascus.
Looks like the UN obstacle is being removed again so that WW III can begin.
You know the Useless Nations will blame Israel for their many,many failures,they were supposed to stop Hezbollah from re-arming (UN Resolution 1701) and didn't even try!

It is worth noting that things are heating up just as Israel begins to celebrate what is an abomination before a holy God,their proud march of depravity and perversity in Tel Aviv.

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