Tuesday, June 04, 2013


North Korean officers join Assad's force

The maggots are being drawn from all over into the decaying corpse that is Syria.
When they are done with their killings and destruction of cities there will be nothing much left for the survivors,no food,no water no place but ash and rubble to live and defecate on.
The cursed civilian refugees,in the millions have nothing but total destruction, misery and lack to go home to.They have no future.
The demon possessed warriors for their god of hell of these last of the last days will set their sights on Israel where there is plenty of good food and many roofs left to sleep under.
Israel prepares.
The US led peace process has all been one big lie,Israel is next on the menu,always has been.

Israel's love affair with perversity

No surprise why the IDF failed to defeat Hamas or halt their transfer of rockets into Gaza ,the same for Hezbolah in the north who are better armed than before and able to reach Tel Aviv now.
The IDF's impotence and Israel political stupidity are a direct result of this national perversity.
Thousands of missiles aimed at the sodomites of Tel Aviv,Israel.
Like moths to the flames,the wicked are drawn to Sodom on the Med for their destruction.

Cursed Islam under God's judgment-

Spreading to Jordan?


madeleine7 said...

You are so right. Thanks for all your hard work and research. Love from Spain.

Marcel said...

Thank you Madeleine.
I hope all is well over there,at least I know the food is much better and safer.
The majority sure do not want to hear the truth(they hate it) and it is being silenced.

The pictures of flooding from Germany and Eastern Europe are something else.
How tragic that the majority are too blind to see God's judgments and cry 'climate change.'
Their ancestors were wiser than they are.