Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Deceivers Used to Call it Global Warming...

Now they call it Climate Change.
The blind brainwashed,arrogant fools and godless liars will never acknowledge the hand of God judging their wickedness and rebellion.
You have to ask yourself why all of this,major unprecedented flooding, the record breaking tornado's,economic collapse,new virulent diseases,hardest winters on record,coming major war, etc. are happening at the same time that the perverted ones have come out of the closet to shake their fists at God. The perverts don't want you to go there.
It's the finger of God who is very much in control unlike the little gods,the proud perverted ones who think they are.
From the beginning of time, the creation in rebellion against the Creator,the rebels and sinners understood that these unnatural disasters were warnings that God was not pleased with their out of control flood of evil and that He was in the process of bringing an end to it.
The Minoan's and Mayan's learned the hard way.
He always warns the wicked like this for them to stop and repent before much worse comes. 
The disciples of the Father of Lies, the blind leaders of the blind have brainwashed the masses so that unlike their ancestors they are clueless that these major disasters we are seeing on a growing scale are warnings of much worse to come.
God always,always,always judges the wicked and the innocent suffer along with the wicked but their suffering is temporary,not so with the wicked.

Worst Flooding in 500 hundred years hits Germany and Eastern Europe.

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