Saturday, June 01, 2013


Hagel Warns China


Kerry Warns Iran

But Who Is Warning America?
America has been warned time and time again but the people have become immune and refuse to heed anything but their own lusts. They are happily,gladly deceived by the liars whom they have selected to rule over them.
Sirens and alarms go off in the heartland of America as more terrorizing destruction weather hits but few hear or see the many,many,many warning to perverse,decadent,arrogant,gayland,America.

Those marked for destruction will not awaken to the warnings.So many severe threats coming from every corner,every avenue against America and the majority are in a pre-destruction stupor.
That is always the case since Noah's day.
The damned fools are too proud to seek or to listen to the still small voice of God because all they want to hear are lies.
God is going to erase the good life forever from America,the gay celebrations,the party will soon be over replaced with great sorrow and mourning for survivors.
The wicked have no hope,no future.
If you are serving evil,there is still time to ask Jesus to forgive you and set you free from your slavery to sin.

You Can’t See The Forest For The Trees

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