Monday, September 16, 2013


I'm sure by now you heard about the shooting just over two miles from the White House.
It's getting to be a bad neighborhood and we might have to move.
As I said last week, neither Putin nor Russia share our values. Otherwise we would be hearing about workplace violence over there as often as we deal with it here.
As for our America lying class also known as politicians, mayor,governors,senators,congressmen we never say what those values are anymore because we have forsaken God and become a reprobate and perverted people.
If we told you the truth ,you'd never vote for us and you fools always fall for our lies ,never holding us accountable anyways.
You make it easy for us.
And so we have to peddle the standard lies that insults the intelligence of the few remaining American's who can think on their own.
Those who are not over-dosed on our mind numbing legal and illegal drugs and not so easily brainwashed by our re-education and social media mind control projects are a problem.
We shall deal with this small percentage of counter revolutionaries as my hero's Stalin and Mao did.
That is why we will make sure that you will hear more of these mass shootings that will bring about my plan for gun control.
As your President I think it’s time to tell the world about our ‘changed’ American values because they already know anyways.
We value violence and get our children started on it at an early age if they’re lucky enough to live beyond the womb and after being surrounded by our ever growing legion of child sexual predators who have learned to hide the evidence.If that doesn't destroy them ,our government schools will.
We American's are a growth industry in this targeting of innocent children for destruction of mind,body and soul.
No one beats USA,rah,rah,rah,we're number 1 !!!
Gun running Dept of inJustice AG Eric Holder
With our extremely violent video games and our Hollywood violence and filth factories we feed the world our violence along with our military industrial complex,sales are good.
We are always willing to bring war across the globe and prepared to destroy other nations as we have done in Iraq and Libya. Afghanistan was already destroyed before we got there,but we are working on Syria, arming and helping to feed our cannibal jihad army and Egypt is still in my M.B. dreams.
We have been slow to face up to up to our godless and lawless culture after removing God and morality from our children and schools as we find it much easier to blame the gun and not the evil heart of man that we train with our American values of greed,lying,cheating,violence,corruption,child abuse,murder,sexual perversion and every other unimaginable evil.
I make sure Hollywood pays these writers who come up with this evil a very good salary and that's why they continue give me hundreds of millions in repayment support.We evil folk have got to stick together.
We've been trying for a long time to poison Russia,China and others with our very queer values but it’s been a difficult undertaking. I promise you that as your president I will continue to pollute and destroy the earth as much as I have destroyed America and I'll do it with a dark grin and a snickering smile.
Thank you for your continued support and always remember, Islam is a religion of peace.
Yours in global destruction,

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