Monday, September 16, 2013

More Cover up Coming ?


Tuesday: you have to go outside the US media to get info on Aaron 
One shooter,employee with top secret clearance,hooked on violent video games. See; A Cherished American Value

Police say there is surveillance video but they will not release/discuss it.
He was a quiet Buddhist,disgruntled and targeted people he worked with there as an IT contractor.Friends in Texas are really shocked. Looks like another of many stressed out Americans who are cracking up in large numbers under "hope n'change." The video is surveillance video with another person of interest in the building where the shooting took place.
That's what I got so far.

Mayor Vincent Gray mentioned a "video" that leads police to believe there may be one additional suspect..

Shooter Aaron Alexis received a general discharge in 2011 for a series of misconduct issues...

Law enforcement is having difficulty finding out information about where shooter Aaron Alexis was living lately?
Just like the Boston bombers law enforcement were continually warned about their terrorist ties by Russian intel and after soft, easy on Islam FBI questioning Tamerlan Tsarnanev was released,free to go and do what all good Muslims do.
Maybe they don't want us to know why Alexis was 'fired' from the Navy?
What's on the video that the govt. media are keeping buried ?
In the land of NSA where everyone is being watched and they have a substantial military file on this deceased man their lies are hard to swallow.
The military have his religious beliefs in their files and maybe even what he likes to eat for breakfast?
They know much more about Aaron Alexis that they are telling us,of that I have no doubt!

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