Monday, September 23, 2013

The Slave Must Obey His Master

Israel has traded it's freedom and sovereignty for lies and slavery.
We were too afraid and spiritually blind to annex Judea and Samaria at the start when God returned our land to us and now we want to surrender it to our killers and destroyers for lies of peace.
That makes us the biggest fools on the planet.
We have put all of our eggs in the US basket for their lies of peace and security.
After twenty years we are still too faithless,afraid, weak and stupid to say no to them.
We live under their red light of orders and commands and must get a green light to do anything substantial.
We are no longer permitted to defeat our enemies because we the little faithless,fearful grasshoppers are to just follow orders.
Whenever our false god tells us to retreat or release Islamic terrorist killers of fellow Jews we must obey ,we cannot say no to the god we have chosen to follow instead of haShem.
We must obey suicidal orders that weaken Israel because the secular Jew has no other god to run to.
Gal Kobi (20) was shot by a PA sniper on Sunday evening
The Israeli government most likely provided that sniper rifle to the Palestinian Terrorist Authority or gave the US a wink and a nod to do so !
In the wake of the killing of Gal Gabriel Kobi, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the immediate resettlement of Beit Hamachpela,a building claimed by settlers near the Tomb of the Patriarchs that was previously sealed by order of the traitorous Defense Ministry which declared war against Jews of faith and because the weak and servile government was afraid that allowing Jews to live there wold anger their god.
Faithless Israel ,the Land of Appeasement and Surrender 
I know I have been a cowardly Prime Minister who serves failed foreign interests but now I shall do too little,too late and let fellow Jews live in a home they legally purchased long,long,long ago.
That may fool the right and make me look good,after wearing them down,give them a little scrap that should have never been contested from the start.

“Those who try to uproot us from Hebron, the city of our forefathers, will only achieve the opposite,or maybe we shall reward them as we have always done” Netanyahu said in a statement. “We will continue to fight reward terrorism with one hand, and strengthen settlement with the other until the phone rings from Washington,because I do not have a spine it is very difficult for me to say no.
I am such a weak pseudo leader that I can't get 1 prisoner (Pollard) released from our supposed ally's gulag,I'm just a chameleon puppet of many colors who follows orders and makes nice speeches.”
Our slave masters in Washington only allow weak and servile Prime Ministers to rule Israel ,anyone with faith and power they go out of their way to destroy and so I must bow in submission to them.

The IDF and the security services will lay their hands on the terrorist and those who sent him and they will pay the price,maybe half price, or until our god Obama calls his poodle Netanyahu to release more of his Islamic terrorist for the peace surrender” Ya’alon said on Monday morning.
“The State of Israel will not tolerate attempts by terror organizations or individual terrorists to attack its citizens or soldiers and disrupt routine life, and will act semi-firmly and strongly half heartedly against such attempts and we shall go on rewarding our enemies for their evil and we shall surrender more because we are fools who have forgotten God and His commands.”
We must follow the orders of our replacement god because that is all we know to do !

Egypt Outlaws Muslim Brotherhood

while Israel appeases and surrenders to them.


“I was just praying, praying, ‘God, keep me alive,’ and that my day hadn’t come,” she said.

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