Sunday, September 01, 2013


Weekend polls indicate that more than two-thirds of Israelis favored a US strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime following the verification of chemical weapons attacks on Syrian civilians.
The truth is not always pretty except in apostate religion

And it shall come to pass in all the land,”Says the LORD,
“That two-thirds in it shall be cut off and die,But one–third shall be left in it:
I will bring the one–third through the fire,Will refine them as silver is refined,
And test them as gold is tested.
They will call on My name,And I will answer them.
I will say, ‘This is My people’;And each one will say, ‘The LORD is my God.’”
Zechariah 13:8-9

ISRAEL, On the painful road to learning that America is not their God

Jerusalem is Worried

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