Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Netanyahu’s Israel, where the Muslim Brotherhood are coddled and fellow Jews are abused by the new Kapo's

According to settlers, police used excessive force and injured one settler lightly in the process of attempting to arrest Albert.

To see video of settler abuse by Netanyahu's goons click here

Israel's internal enemies are treated with special care while Jews who refuse to submit to dhimmitude are terrorized and abused by the corrupt,godless and cowardly government.
MB Sheikh Saleh gets kid gloves treatment while Boaz Albert gets Bibi's pogrom  
Perverse Israel treats their enemies better than their own citizens
Israel's chief dhimmi Netanyahu would never permit Muslim Brotherhood head Sheikh Raed Salah to be tasered by his black boot thugs but he has no qualms about abusing and tasering fellow Jews in front of their children.

The lap dog/dhimmi Netanyahu knows he can get away with this and releasing Islamic terrorist killers because the people are as pathetic and shameful he is.

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