Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Violent Video Games Lead to Murder

...because you open yourself to violence inducing demonic spirits,and if the VA puts you on psychotropic drugs,anti depressants along with following a pagan religion you've opened the door to hearing voices as Aaron did.
You are what you feed your brain and soul, violence in violence out.

A nation of youth hooked on violent video games only leads in one direction, violence and death.

If you're a good gamer, you might even get a well paying job as a US military drone operator targeting and killing people for real, some of them might even be Islamic terrorists.
The corrupt,reprobate government will not focus on violent video games because there is too much Hollywood money invested in violent movies and games,and the politicians get a piece of the profits.
So the lying class will blame the gun instead.

Pay close attention to how the perverted US media with their brainwash programming of the masses hide the big clue, his addiction to violent video games.

Expertise Incompetence

The 'Experts' only hire the best nuts


Obama Regime- We're evil and insane so we must disarm law abiding US citizens and arm the Islamic terrorists fighting to overthrow Syrian dictator Assad.

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