Monday, September 23, 2013

Israel Still Doesn't Get It,The nature of Islam is hate,violence and incitement

It is impossible to change the evil nature of Islam,it will have to be defeated. See Ezekiel 39

Tackle incitement,Islam stop the killings

Instead of treating the cause of incitement,ISLAM ,Israel's blind leaders of the blind only deal with symptoms.
They are too fearful and afraid to come out and say that Islam is the problem and that Israel is the only cure.

All mankind is stupid, devoid of knowledge;
Every goldsmith is put to shame by his idols,
For his molten images are deceitful,
And there is no breath in them.
 They are worthless, a work of mockery;
In the time of their punishment they will perish.
 The portion of Jacob is not like these;
For the Maker of all is He,
And of the tribe of His inheritance;
The Lord of hosts is His name.
 He says, “You are My war-club, My weapon of war;
And with you I shatter nations,
And with you I destroy kingdoms.
 “With you I shatter the horse and his rider,
And with you I shatter the chariot and its rider,
 And with you I shatter man and woman,
And with you I shatter old man and youth,
And with you I shatter young man and virgin,
 And with you I shatter the shepherd and his flock,
And with you I shatter the farmer and his team,
And with you I shatter governors and prefects.
24 “But I will repay Babylon and all the inhabitants of Chaldea for all their evil that they have done in Zion before your eyes,” declares the Lord


JMD said...

When I read this story I thought this is the capstone to our country.

Marcel said...

'is' or was ?