Saturday, September 21, 2013


The Old City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem,my favorite destination on this whole earth.
The next journey there will be my 7th since 77' and my hope and prayer is to stay there.


Ken-ya see how evil Islam is shedding innocent blood everywhere ?

God is in Control not man !

A four-megaton nuclear bomb was one switch away from exploding over the US in 1961, a newly declassified US document confirms.
....a control inside the B-52 cockpit released the two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs over Goldsboro,North Carolina.The bomb was almost 260 times more powerful than the bombs that fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Interesting what the worthless US media will not report and the garbage they do feed us,humn Miley?

Dear deceived Christian,while you were asleep waiting for an early escape rapture,you failed to grow your faith in preparation for Satan's New World Dis-Order.

Like the five foolish virgins of Matthew 25 you failed to get ready and will not have enough oil for the coming night.
The system will break down,that is why their man Hussein O is destroying the economy,they planned for it


Noodles said...

Marcel, I would like to meet up with you, if and when you do show up in Jerusalem.

Marcel said...

Do you think they'll let me in as I am so settler friendly and down on the lap dogs in Jerusalem who have signed on to the NWO? lol

Where do I go to meet ?

(I'm listening to Hagmann/NWO now)

Noodles said...

Yea, I think they'll let you in as long as you show them a return ticket.

Of course it all depends when you're coming, but I'm sure we could work something out, even if it's just for an hour or two over a "cup of coffee".

Would that be the latest episode of the Hagmanns?

Marcel said...

Sounds good,
With the dire state of the US economy and my inactive part in it I've been wondering about putting up a 'donation' link to my blog?

That might get me there much faster or maybe just wait on the Lord for His timing?

I get the feeling it's late and big bad change is close!
Yep, latest Hagmann,I can just skip the commercials when I skip listening live.
I hate advertising,sales, commercials.

Noodles said...

You could be very right about the lateness of the hour, I hope you are, but my neighbor would tell me that it's just "wishful thinking" on my part. But hey, what does he know? He passes himself off as a 'believer', and is as lukewarm as they come.

With the small amount of people following the blog I doubt that you'll be able to drum up too much...I myself am working two jobs just to pay the rent on my small "studio" apartment in Nachlaot.

Thanks for the link, I'm now also listening to the Hagmanns.

Marcel said...

Like your neighbor reveals there is a famine of the word of the Lord in the land,having been replaced with fables and feel good fairy tales.
I'm not Joel Osteen or Rick Warren rich with delusional,feel good teaching and that's fine.
Are those the kind of false teachers you neighbor gets his ears tickled with ?

'With the small amount of people following the blog.'

That's the truth and exactly what I thought.

Back in July S.Qualye linked to one of my messages and I got a few thousand hits in a day.
I put my address up for "help' at the 700 mark and it was a big ZERO with close to 2,000 visits.

Personally,(donate)is a turn off when I see it and I need to stick with 'freely you have received freely give.

Living in a rural area work has become more of a rare thing since the destroyer took control,but the Lord provides.
Need any eggs? lol

Noodles said...

The biggest problem with the neighbor is that he's studying for his Ph.D in "Theology", and doesn't want anything to interfere with that, including the coming of the Lord. He says 'Gog & Magog' is still "years away".

Frankly, I just don't pay him any mind. I told him that if he died today, it's doubtful we'd see him in heaven.

There may be hope for him though...I send him some of your stuff, and he hasn't said "don't send it", which he has done with other material...I told him that's what he has a 'delete' button for.

Anyway, I enjoy the blog, if that's any comfort, so don't give it up.

Marcel said...

Neighbor got snared by the alluring fruit.

That trap has worked well for Satan as he has long ago taken over 'higher' education,especially religion.
I had a half brother who got his Masters and you could smell the spirit of Lucifer's pride that saturated,snared and deceived him.

He was beyond help or reach after gaining such uppity,high 'wisdom'.
He died in his 50's under the knife of a wise surgeon who went 'oops'.

Thanks for the encouragement.

JMD said...


How I wish we were going to Jerusalem. I have always wanted to and everyone that I know that has visited said it felt like "home". Did you feel that also?


I think if you pray about it and the Lord confirms it would be ok, then you should put up a donation button.

Marcel said...

Yes,home ,Beulah land.
Thanks J