Thursday, September 19, 2013

CAUTION:Iran Taqiyya at Work

Iran president blames Israel for 'instability,' calls for peace

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blamed Israel for causing "injustice to the people" of the Middle East during an exclusive interview with NBC News in which he also called for peace, saying Iran is not "looking for war."
We Muslims are responsible for all the trouble,wars and genocide in the Middle East but our pride does not permit us to face the truth.
Lies are our sole refuge and taqiyya is our mother,our father is death.
The lie of Islam has made us very,very delusional.
So we son's of the devil and hell blame the people of God who unlike us truly want peace.
We are just lying to you infidel's as it is evident to all who are not blinded by our false god Satan (also know as allah) that we have been preparing for the really,really big war since our Islamic revolution in 1979.
We blame Israel because we have a tragic and fatal inferiority complex with dreams of grandeur instead of being only goat herders.
We are very jealous of the blessings God has given the Jews and the evident curse that we Muslims are under.
We hate and kill our Sunni Muslim brothers as we do Jews and Christians because all we know is bloodshed and hate.That is all we Muslims are good for.
Our number 1 target is the greater Satan,America and then Israel.

The  sons of the wild donkey Ishmael are greedy thieves and want to steal what little land God has given to the descendants of Abraham,the people of ISRAEL.
We are an insanely jealous people and because we love blood so much this is why God has given us fratricide and civil war,killing each other from Egypt to Pakistan to Iraq to Somalia,Afghanistan.
Our Hezbollah and IRG are dying and killing fellow Muslims in Syria today because the Holy One of Israel has brought us under his judgments, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani


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