Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fools Respect Evil Islam

Learn about the religion of peace and it's great devotion to women and children

Officials reported that women and children were among the 60 dead and that more than 120 people had been injured.

Islam's Jihad comes to Nairobi

..and have you noticed who the Muslim coward crusaders always target ? Unarmed innocent civilians especially women and children.
The lie of Islam has proven evil since the false prophet Mohammed birthed this evil deception from the bowels of hell upon the earth in the 7th century.Those who elevate this Satanic religion to a level of respectability are as reprobate and deceived as the followers of the biggest lie the devil has delivered to this crazed,insane world. Following a lie is not honorable,nor are the religious edifices of the lie or those who make excuses for the inhumane acts of this bloodthirsty,violent and cursed cult of death.
The majority of Israel having rejected the truth and commands of God assume they can have or make peace with hell's religion following the Road Map of their lying idol are fools leading the nation to certain disaster. That is always the outcome of ignoring God and chasing after worthless idols.
Israel shows great honor and respect to the lie with the hope that evil will reciprocate and embrace the nice peace loving Jews.
This policy of weakness,fear and appeasement has failed and will end in catastrophe for those who chose to compromise with evil.
That is why things will go from bad to worse. God will show the world the evil of the lie,Islam by allowing their bloodshed on the innocent to hit closer and closer to home. Those who call Islam a religion of peace are deceivers. The true face if Islam is out and about murdering innocents every day across the globe.

A bomb blast outside a church in the Pakistani city of Peshawar has killed at least 60 people and injured more than 100 others, officials say.

A Muslim Afghan coalition partner wearing a security forces uniform turned his weapon against U.S. troops Saturday.

A US General said he did not understand why this was happening so often as Islam is a religion of peace and we are only good infidels occupying their land.
"We have no answer as to why this is happening because we are idiots who do not deal in the realm of reality only in our dark globalist agenda which blinds us and makes us very stupid,the blind leading the blind."

Carmi Gillon said, "These Jews who see God as the final authority and not us twisted perverts who follow idols are the ones who will be the Jewish underground if our failed political process ripens into anything that involves giving up,surrendering territory to become good Jewish dhimmi's under the sword of allah. We faithless grasshoppers are too wise to believe in God and so we trust in our great and failed stupidity, America is the only god we serve and obey.
We should decisively act against the only Jews left who resist our evil ways, before they blow up the first mosque church.We are too fearful of the backlash from our dear Arab fifth column so we focus against fellow Jews who do not bow to the idol we serve.
We are experts when it comes to appeasing and surrendering to evil forces in and outside of Israel and enjoy abusing fellow Jews to show Muslims how depraved we can be for them.
Please remember that it was WE the faithless,grasshopper leadership who released 1,027 Islamic terrorists for 1 Israeli,this is our way of helping Islam and the jihad. Our hope is that we have encouraged our enemies and our goal is to discourage any Jew who exhibits faith in anyone but Bibi and Company.
He will release more jihad crusaders as Israel's jizya and submission tax to the god we have chosen to be under submission to, allah.
Surrendering the Jews most holy place to Islam's abomination Dome of the Crock reveals that we are under Islam and why all we do is appease,retreat and release your jihad killers and hinder the building of Zion.
We don't mind being slaves and under submission to Islam.That is why I go after fellow Jews and served as head of the Jewish department within Shin Bet.
Maybe my boys will blow up a church and blame it on the settlers,that way we can brutalize these children of faith that God is raising up?
The secular will then be with us even more than before against the faithful remnant”

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