Wednesday, September 04, 2013

They can always find the money to start a war

The defense secretary estimated the cost of such a strike would be in the "tens of millions" of US dollars.

The military indu$trial complex of unending war$ need$ a fre$h infu$ion of ca$h

Remember how the sequester led to furlough's,cut backs,job lay offs  and how the con man in the White House resisted all attempts at budget cutbacks to chip away at Washington's insane, wasteful spending,how he politicized it saying there was not enough money in the budget, shutting down tours of the White House for maximum media exposure?
The con man's job to destroy the economy and the country is going well.
They don't seem have trouble leading us into WW III even claiming today that the Arab League will foot the bill for our war. Yes of course, the check is in the mail.

Putin Blowback

Putin accused the Obama Administration of lying to Congress, and said U.S. lawmakers were being suckered into approving a military strike against Syria. “We talk with these people. We assume that they are decent. But he lies,” Putin said of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. “And he knows that he lies. That’s pathetic.”
How the deviants and reprobates 'spend' money

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