Sunday, September 15, 2013


Four Reasons the Syria Deal Could Fall Apart

Securing Syria's Weapons May Require US Troops

"We have a mix of assets that would be available to back up the threat", Pentagon,gone,gone,gone.

With Iranian,Hezbollah,Syrian army and too many to count Islamic terrorist groups saturating the blood soaked slaughterhouse known as Syria Terminal Empire Insanity is at work.
It's like a magnet of death and destruction drawing American blood into it.
US soldiers walking around in Syria like they won a war fall into a trap and lose.
This is Obama intentionally sending soldiers into the ultimate buzz saw if he makes this stupid move.
Everything that can go wrong will go wrong for the queer nation that turned it's back on God and is on a fast slide down to hell with a proud fool leading the charge.
Putting US troops in Syria is the perfect ingredient to kick off WW III.
This Syria chapter is all about Iran and Russia's power to defend their allies against the US...and that is why it has WW III written all over it,that and Bible prophecy.

We are now in a different era, in the midst of a regional earthquake, unprecedented since the establishment of the state,P.M.Netanyahu.

Israel’s president,Shimon Peres said Syria, which perpetrated a surprise attack on Israel together with Egypt during Judaism’s holiest day in 1973, had refused to become a partner in peace after the war, and was still paying the price for it today.

Shimon ,everyone will pay the price. 
Israel will pay a heavy price for ignoring God and looking to the US instead for peace and security.
It will get neither for this national idolatry.
The US will pay the Jeremiah 51   Isaiah 47Revelation 18 price.
Russia will pay the Ezekiel 39 price.
And all the nations will pay the Joel 3:2 price.

Be not a terror unto me: thou art my hope in the day of evil.
Jeremiah 17:17

global warming,climate change global sinning
'It's just really devastating'

Mexico Getting Boulder-ed from both sides
There is the potential for up to 2 feet of rain, especially over the Sierra Madre Oriental as Ingrid drifts inland before breaking up.


Noodles said...

Shimmy P. reminds me of my dear ol' dad, Marcel...

All the appearances of a kindly old coot who lives in a dream world, but would never ever dream that he could possibly be wrong about anything.

Sadly buddy, I think both of these deluded old codgers will end up in the smoky pits of eternal damnation, misery and torment.

At least I have spent a lifetime praying and trying to cajole my dad on the issue of the Lord. Alas, to no avail.

Noodles said...

Marcel - a link you may find of interest :

Marcel said...

Thanks for the link.
I used to listen to David on the radio decades ago.
Amazing how time is flying by.

I've got DSL and it's a joke,as slow as dial up when it comes to loading up videos,etc.
Listening to it now.

The Lord releases us from our burdens for our families when they refuse to heed the truth,I'm free.