Monday, September 09, 2013

They All Fall Down

A well done movie.
The factual last days of Hitler and the Third Reich. I like history and this film captures the end of an evil reign of terror.If you haven't seen Downfall and The Pianist they are both true stories that we will most likely live out in our time.

It never ends ?

Praise God,He has brought down every major empire since history has been written and He shall bring down this present Fourth Global Reich and establish His everlasting kingdom where righteousness rules and devious,bloodthirsty,power hungry,lying devils are no more.

Obama; Syria Strike on Hold

If Obama's war rhetoric fizzles out on Syria(?) watch for a US Naval blockade of Iran which will bring us into WW III.
It's coming and right around the corner.If Obama doesn't squeeze Iran more and soon, Israel will strike them on their own.

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