Friday, September 13, 2013

A Watchman's Guess

UPDATE:Syria chemical weapons agreement reached between United States, Russia

It's going to fall apart and fail. A few likely scenarios.
1.Assad fails the 1 week deadline.
2.In the middle of the handover Hezbollah acquires large amounts of Syria's CW and  Israel targets them,ending the agreement.
3.Try again-US backed Free Syrian Army (which is against the agreement) once again uses chemical weapons on their own people and this time Obama moves against Assad immediately as this was his plan the first time but he got cold feet.
4.Iran and her proxy armies Hamas and Hezbollah behind major terrorist attack inside Israel and Israel has to respond,bringing an end to carrying out agreement
5.Israel finally decides to target Iran's nuclear sites and the region is plunged into major war.
6.Obama /Kerry decide Assad has crossed their red line again and  nullify the agreement.
7.Obama's FSA terrorists kill UN CW teams and makes it look like Assad did it.
8.What can go wrong will go wrong because the devil is in the details and it's the Middle East and everyone including the EU,US,UN wants to get rid of Israel just as much as Islam an Iran does.
Israel,Keep your gas masks close by and don't let your guard down for a minute.
I predict that US diplomacy underway with Russia in Geneva over Syria will fail and the proud fool Obama will not be able to resist,he will start WW III.
It's as simple as 2+2 equals 4, unless you are a absolute godless pervert,then it's anything you want it to be.
Reprobate fist's shaking in the face of God,Sodom and Gomorrah shall have the fire and brimstone it so desires and then the time of tribulation begins.


sergio roy said...

"Assad tells Obama to stop arming rebels, or no deal"

You're right Mr Marcel.

Marcel said...

Assad has also called on Israel to turn in it's WMD's or no deal.

Most definitely a Russian roulette match,power play between the proud leader of the broke,collapsing empire and proud Russian leader who has warned long ago that Syria,Iran are his red lines.
Blinded by his narcissistic ego,Obama wants to win the chess match so he will find out if Putin really means what he says.

Noodles said...

My neighbor says your reputation is on the line if things don't work out the way you say they will. Do you have any response for this schmuck who lives in denial, and just accepts truth that's convenient for him?

Marcel said...

Hey noodles,how you been ?

Sounds like your neighbor is a follower of the false prophet Shimon Peres,failed,crazed president of Israel or he thinks America is Israel's God?

Ask him why 'Shimmy' with the seriously damaged,BAD,reputation and a history of failed promises is president of Israel.
I'll be waiting for the answer.

Israel has followed those with damaged reputations with the same failed Road Map(see pic of Washington line up below)instead of God....since Oslo 1993.
At least there are a few like Bennett and Danon who want to get off the train headed for the camps.

P.S. A guess is a guess and is not a 'Thus Saith the LORD.'

Noodles said...

Keep up the good guessing Marcel, I'm with you all the way,(and praying for you), buddy !!

Marcel said...

I was thinking last night about devious and slick Netanyahu and how many terrorists killers he has released,now with innocent blood on his hands and all the other things he has done against the people and state of Israel to please his Washington pimps.
And still his reputation is kosher?

No worry about his reputation being on the line with such perverse,wicked people who trust in him.
Jeremiah 17:5

It's evident that the hypocrites have a double standard when it comes to 'reputations on the line.'

Their's is a blurred line that keeps moving much like confused Israel which looks to everyone but God.

Marcel said...

Noodles,thanks for the link.

I don't think Putin likes Obama or Kerry that much and it will turn into a duel to the death of empire.

Noodles said...

Can't help but love your tenacity, gives one hope.

In your grab-bag of goodies you neglected to mention big-time WMD terror inside the States (always a good stand-by).

Marcel said...

Seriously I thought about adding US to Israel but wouldn't put it past our govt. to do it and blame it on
a targeted nation.
When we have such a corrupt and evil government you pray and look to God because without Him it's all hopeless.
It's tragic that Israel is still looking to Sodom and Gomorrah for anything.

I am thankful that we have been given a short respite before the festivities start because once it starts,we might not see the sun for a few days.

We should also thank GWB for his great success in Iraq and the Iranian Republic of Iraq's promise to Saudi Arabia today.

I think Putin wants to mop the floor with Obama and he's just getting started.

I wonder why God gave US a community organizer to lead us at this late hour?

Noodles said...

Thanks for the link Marcel, very interesting development, if true.