Saturday, September 28, 2013

Acceleration,Pedal to the Metal


The last chapter,the endgame comes at us fast and with much fury.The sleepers and mockers will be run over by coming events.
CHAIRMAN BHO'' say; me want be big dictator,no more opposition,we shall have martial law,comrades

hat tip noodles


Noodles said...

More grist for the mill....

Marcel said...

Thanks, listening ti it now.

Netanyahu heads to Wash. to talk to the destroyer Obama.
No doubt he will return to Israel a sad man.
Maybe this is what sets off the response of God on the USA for October ?

Marcel said...

at 120 minutes...
Nathan's message really mirrors 'Groan from the Throne'

and this has many specific warnings.
Already here in Florida I've been hearing of someone dying from an infection they got while swimming in the Gulf of BP and Corexit.

Noodles said...

"Maybe this is what sets off the response of God on the USA for October ?"

I would really like to see some movement as soon as possible, but I've been let down so many times, I just don't let myself get too worked up about the different possibilities. I am surely sick and tired of listening to the naysayers, but I assume our train will come in at a certain (hopefully soon) point.

Marcel said...

'I've been let down so many times.'

Same here,so my prayer is to see what the Lord is saying,doing and not the false.
I sense in my spirit that He,God, His patience and mercy have ended on a people who refuse to listen,repent or seek Him, Now He will act and it will be ugly,unbelievably,unimaginably horrific.

Did God judge Sodom and Gomorrah ?

I see Israel's trust in America, their chosen idol for peace and dealing with Iran,God exposing it for the total failure and foolishness that it has always been

Proud, MIT brainwashed Netanyahu and this stupidity on his part to trust in men bringing him and the rest of Israel who trust in men down.

press in,persevere,God has to judge America because her wickedness is so great.
You see the incredible wickedness of the idol Israel runs to for help instead of God,right?
Many saints like myself have prayed to God to stop the flood of evil and He has heard and he shall act... as He always does.

Noodles said...

A bunch of us were praying for Netanyahu this morning, that he would grow a pair and be able to overcome the witchcraft emanating from the White House.
I'd really like to see him succeed (i.e. a full blown frontal attack on Iran & no concessions in talks with "pals"), if not tomorrow, then some time soon...I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.
I can't say I'd be doing that much better if I was in his shoes.

Marcel said...

“If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, Then how can you contend with horses? And if in the land of peace, In which you trusted, they wearied you, Then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan?
Jeremiah 12:5

Maybe the loyal poodle will awaken and break the leash he has come to love.
I'm reminded of how 'Christian' George Wicked Bush (who easily duped Israel and a majority of naive Christians) threatened Israel under the bulldozer Sharon and how quickly he folded in fear and betrayed fellow Jews in Gaza.

Will God hear your prayers or will He punish him for Migron and his other sins which he has PROUDLY failed to repent of?
I don't discount a miracle from the Lord, but Benji has proven worthless and devious time and time again. This consummate forked tongue politician follows the NWO agenda and not God.

Noodles said...

Just the mere fact that we have to pray for him probably doesn't say too much for either us or him. The guy who initiated it considers himself an "intercessor for Israel". I think he means well.

Marcel said...

I miss the old prophets like Nathan,Elijah,Jeremiah,John the Baptist who confronted their leaders over their sin and rebellion.
Prayer is good but whats missing is confronting the renegade who bows to his idols and is so empty(useless) weak he does not even have the savings in his bank account to get Pollard released while he (with ease) releases Islamic murderers on the land to kill again because the devil he serves, Obama told him to.
Benji the rat knows full well that the lame people of Israel will give him a pass ,again,again,again for this evil with his smug head held high.
The prayers of the intercessors seem to be falling to the ground and we are in need of a man, or men of God to confront this wicked man instead of always giving him a pass,don't you think ?

Noodles said...

You make some good and valid points. Maybe he'll have to end up like Rabin and Sharon....

Marcel said...

I believe those who winked at his evil decisions and gave him a pass time after time, after time, after time,the Likudnuts will pay the price this time.
I hope something bad doesn't happen to him while he is begging for salvation in Babylon.