Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Reprobate, Sodomite, Perverts Have Taken Over

Monk, a 19-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, was relieved of his duties when he responded to a question from his commanding officer Major Elisa Valenzuela, an open lesbian.

"All these beautiful places, it's just brown mud."


Noodles said...

Wow Marcel, that story was designed especially for your attention and seems like a total confirmation that you're on the right track concerning the dismemberment and complete destruction of America/Babylon and indeed the littering of the earth with millions upon millions of stinking corpses...very interesting.

By the way, isn't Colorado supposed to be the HQ of the NWO?

Marcel said...

The confirmation came some time ago.
The average Jew and Christian have adapted well with compromise and tolerance for evil,especially if they want to keep their good paying job ,kind of like Esau.,7340,L-4430270,00.html
Wise Solomon wrote;
'There is nothing new under the sun.'
"stiff necks abound"
What is striking is how nothing changes with the wicked and with those who claim to believe and serve God but serve two masters.

“Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel, ‘Behold, I am about to bring on this city and all its towns the entire calamity that I have declared against it, because they have stiffened their necks so as not to heed My words.’”
Jeremiah 19:15

Marcel said...

One of the biggest crimes in doomed America today is speaking the truth especially as it applies to the reprobate homosexuals whom God has given over to destruction.
The only reason the Google Gestapo and their masters 'allow' this bog to continue is to watch.
The Fourth Reich,like the Third Reich like to watch and keep records on everyone.
If I had a large audience I'd be gone!

The perverted,phony democratic Israeli media and their thought police silenced me.
The last comment I made at Times of Israel was in answering a question from another commenter,he asked; 'why is Netanyahu releasing all these terrorists with blood on their hands?'

I responded; "The prostitutes who rule Israel love to please their Washington pimp, whatever it takes"
That was it.
The stiff necks don't want to hear the truth and when they silence it they cut their own throats and end all hope for themselves.

Noodles said...

Well, you'll always have me following your blog as long they allow you to have it. I've been following for quite some time, but only recently decided to start commenting... I don't really know why it took so long, but better late than never I guess.
I use a lot of stuff off it and send it off to my contacts, some of whom actually seem to like it, although most are indifferent or just don't respond.
I have been shut down many times by the Israeli media from commenting (even though they can see a Jerusalem IP address), but I don't take it personal, just keep plugging away and find when it suits their taste they let it through.

Marcel said...

I don't know why I thought you were in NY ?
I miss my MOST favorite city in the whole world.
What a blessing you have.
Is Gershon S. TMF still around ?
That's the big secret to stay out of the destroyers trap, don't take it personally.
If I did this for numbers I would have quit long ago.

It was Batya from Shiloh who suggested I start a blog instead of emailing her all the time with my two cents.So,as they say,blame the Jews. lol

It's good to know there are more alternative media rising up in Israel.
Did Glick shut down LATMA ?
I haven't been to J.Post in ages.

Noodles said...

It was natural to think I was in NY as I use the "Coney Island" location at Ynet, but even dear Sarah B. figured out I wasn't posting from there, although I used to work there (and live close by) 35-40 years ago.
I told her I was just "too lazy" to change the address. Truth be known, I just didn't want to advertise I actually lived in Jerusalem...I know my secret is good with you.

Marcel said...

Secret is safe as the only readers I have are the SS and a few others.
Is Sarah B still around?

My how time flies,I left Israel 36 years ago after a few months of sniffing the breezes of Gaza.

Noodles said...

Lol about the's not really a big deal if people know where I'm at or not, but I do have a tendency towards privacy and keeping a low profile, but I don't think even the Shin Bet gives a hoot about me.
Yea, Sarah B. is still around and just as feisty as ever.
I read between the lines and figured you had spent a little time in the area, and then a while back you mentioned your job offer from the Saudis and then I knew for sure.
I haven't even been in the States since pre-9/11. Since I'm not gay, I guess I'm not missing that much.

Marcel said...

'privacy and keeping a low profile'

Me too sort of,kind of,
living in the woods with noisy roosters and chickens helps. lol

I haven't been back to Israel since Nov 99',too long.
Northrup told me they would get me a new passport because the Israel entry stamp would be risky.
God gave me the wisdom to say NO and not to imitate Jimmy the Peanut Farmer,Pappy Bush,Bubba Billy C,Georgy W.Bush and Obama with their love and devotion$ to their $audi pimps.