Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Obama at UN ,Israel,I have a knife for your back

...but first before I deliver the knife to Israel's back, allow me to speak honestly for only a few seconds.

In a shocking display of truthfulness and candor ,the Liar in Chief spoke to the global convention of ant-Christ rebels in NYC today.Here are a few highlights.
Israel,you must end the Islamic Occupation of Judea and Samaria, drive out the Arab interlopers and do what you should have done decades ago,
Take the 'KICK ME" sign off your back and stop being a nation of appeasing,retreating,wimpy push overs.
“Arab states - and those who have supported their Arab interloper Palestinians - must realize that stability will only be served through an end to Arab greed,their incessant resort to violence and bigoted Islamic intolerance,” he added.
"Islam is a global threat and there is nothing peaceful about it.It is built on a mountain of lies and it's all lies 24/7 since the 7th Century."
"Already,the Palestinian leaders have demonstrated a willingness to make jihad," Obama said. "President Abbas has used Islam's taqiyya resourcefully and craftily to short-cut Israel's existence with his ploy in coming to the negotiating table..
This trap for Israel was directed by me, the most crafty Muslim in all the world.
And the Jews look to me instead of their Messiah for peace and security,boy are they stupid.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has released Palestinian murderers of Jews, and reaffirmed his commitment to surrender Jewish land for my devious lies. I made the whimpering puppy roll over on my command with such ease. Your great Netanyahu is all smoke and no substance.
You Jews don't know what trouble you are in for serving your American idol instead of God."
I shall now return to what I do best ,lie like the devil.
Israel's PM: Don't be fooled by Iran, only be fooled by the Two State Final Solution I am following.
I had to make a hard choice for the nation.
Better a slow holocaust delivered by my American 'friends' than one delivered by Iran.
Because it is a major embarrassment to Kenya, they are attempting to cover up the true number of those murdered by the death worshiping cult of Islam.
It's in the hundreds and you won't get the truth from the media anymore,they have been captured by the NWO of lies and deceit.
Here is an example of their sophomoric and confused attempt at dis-information just 1 sentence apart.

A government official told The Associated Press that the morgue was preparing for up to 60 bodies, though the official didn’t have an exact count. The government official insisted on anonymity so he would not face retribution from government officials.

From RT
A total of 61 civilians were killed in the attack,  and right after giving us the total ...
Three stores in the mall have collapsed, leaving more bodies trapped.

They know the majority will swallow whatever they feed them! 


Noodles said...

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Marcel said...

Thanks,I'm listening now.
I haven't listened to Rick in a long time because....you know why.

Noodles said...

I'm not really sure why...maybe you could elaborate.

I've heard some call him a 'false prophet'

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