Friday, September 06, 2013

Obama to address the American people on Syria

Obama will address country on Syria; calls crisis ‘threat to global peace’

Who is the real threat to global peace ?

“I trust my constituents want me to offer my best judgment. That’s why they elected me.
That’s why they re-elected me,
That's not why, but we shall know why shortly.
It's interesting and timely how all of this is happening after Obama's America drove off the homosexual cliff... and so soon after he pushed Israel to release Islamic terrorists for his Israel surrender talks. Messing with Israel has always been a fatal endeavor.

The US Friday, Sept. 6, ordered the withdrawal of non-emergency workers and their families from the embassy in Beirut and the consulate general in Adana, southeast Turkey

Fall of the King of Babylon

It shall come to pass in the day the Lord gives you rest from your sorrow, and from your fear and the hard bondage in which you were made to serve, that you will take up this proverb against the king of Babylon, and say:

“How the oppressor has ceased,The golden city ceased!
The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked,The scepter of the rulers;
He who struck the people in wrath with a continual stroke,He who ruled the nations in anger,Is persecuted and no one hinders.
The whole earth is at rest and quiet;They break forth into singing.
Indeed the cypress trees rejoice over you,And the cedars of Lebanon,
Saying, ‘Since you were cut down,No woodsman has come up against us.’
“Hell from beneath is excited about you,To meet you at your coming;It stirs up the dead for you,
All the chief ones of the earth;It has raised up from their thrones, All the kings of the nations.
They all shall speak and say to you:‘Have you also become as weak as we? Have you become like us?
Your pomp is brought down to Sheol,And the sound of your stringed instruments;
The maggot is spread under you,And worms cover you.’
Isaiah 14

Rochus Misch was the last survivor from Hitler's bunker in Berlin

A former bodyguard of Adolf Hitler who witnessed the Nazi dictator's final hours has died in Germany aged 96.


JMD said...

The two senators from the state I live in have voted in favor of the war. The over-whelming citizen response is against the war. Sad times we have a representative government that does not represent the will of the people.

Marcel said...

It's going to be historic.
All bad for U.S.
We crossed God's red line a longtime ago and He gave us more than enough time to repent but all we've done is become more evil.

What will O decide to tell us on Tuesday,bombs now falling ?
If O backs down he looks like the weak fool that he has always been.
If he acts he look like the arrogant fool he has always been.
It's tough when God boxes a leader and a queer nation into a corner.

Obama's MB busy in Egypt.

JMD said...

I agree Marcel, I see nothing good in our future. Several years ago while praying for the United States, God told me not to. It will fall and according to his righteousness he will save those that he chooses. Sobering indeed. We are a most reckless and wicked nation. We shall reap what we have sown.

Marcel said...

What is so tragic is the compromised,silent,tolerant of evil condition of the Church in America.

Entertainment and ear tickling trumps the truth and that will cost them more than they realize.
The early rapture lie has turned them into foolish virgins of Matthew 25.