Thursday, September 05, 2013

Germany and the West's Ongoing War Against Christians

Like every other deviant western country Germany has a hands off double standard for Islamic groups,but Christian groups are fair game for abuse under frivolous charges.
The hypocrite governments of the West know that if they tried to pull this off with Muslims their country would burn to the ground.
The western world like Islam reveal every day that they serve Satan and his kingdom.

'"The US-founded sect says it believes in spanking children if disobedient.But it said a "small reed-like rod" was used intended only to inflict "pain and not damage" and was not abusive.
"Desiring to be good parents, we do not hit our children in anger, nor with our hand or fist,"'

Meanwhile Islam's violent teachings and acts are given a pass to the point where the evil West,especially the USA arms extremist Islamic terrorists to murder women,children,civilians,etc.,overthrowing the Libyan and Syrian governments.

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