Saturday, September 28, 2013

Strange Times Are Upon Us

I think God has a long overdue response to the great wickedness and sexual perversity that has enthroned itself on this earth,especially in not much longer 'gay' America. Quite sure He's going to change the name to 'misery.'
He's chosen the right man for the job with the help of the perverted voters of America.
Change is here ! Psalm 9:17

Cosmic Disturbance

'You must go to your homes and stay indoors. My angels will protect you from harm.'

The Midnight Sun

'As I kept watching them, strange looking creatures began to emerge out of these UFO's . They quickly began to hunt down and kill the people that were outside looking at what was going on.'

Augusto Perez and some amazing revelations on this late hour we are in.

I read both of these (midnight sun and cosmic disturbance) from two separate not well known sources a while ago and it finally dawned on me,it seems to me that they are connected.
I've learned to listen to the small voices more than the large,popular ministries over time.

More - 9.7 Earthquake Predicted for California on 10/3/13

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