Thursday, September 05, 2013

Barry Rubin Gets It !

Under Hussein Obama the US has crossed the Red Line,America turns from war on Islamic terrorism to war for Islamic terrorism

The evil empire of deceit and treachery
Most of Israel have trusted and believed in their American idol above God because the phony friend's superpowers status deceived them the same way an attractive and seductive whore seduces a man whose hearts is not 100% given to God.
My effort and prayer for many years has been to help awaken Israel to the fact that America is not their God or their friend and finally at this very late hour a greater awakening is beginning.
Praise God,it's wonderful to see the light expose the darkness of lies and bring down the big idol Israel has served religiously for so long.
The majority of Christians in America are in deep denial about the evil and treachery that Obama and America are in the world today.They want to be deceived more than they want the truth.
Many in Israel are waking up to that reality.Thank God for shining the light of truth and reality exposing the lies of the darkness that is Washington, so that they will look to him alone for their salvation.
Those Christians in America who continue to polish up their lying idol find themselves on the wrong side of God and truth.
They will suffer the consequences of loving lies and embracing the delusions of their American idol more than they loved God,the truth.


The Evil Empre's War Against Christian's in the Middle East

America's Ally in Syria

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